Your Trusted Partner for Dynamic Interim Solutions and Expert Leadership Coaching

We are DUCKMADE! Our promise? Swift interim solutions, empathetic coaching, and holistic leadership transformation, combining 25+ years of executive experience for organizational impact.

Interim Solutions
As an Executive Interim Leadership Partner with 25+ Years' experiences, we understand the need for temporary solutions at the highest level of organizations, especially in the dynamic business landscape where active owners with a clear agenda operate.

Owners, boards of directors, and executives appreciate the necessity of speed and agility in this context. They seek experienced professionals who have successfully tackled similar challenges and are capable of orchestrating seamless transitions between different business situations.

At DUCKMADE, we have personally taken on the responsibility for profit and loss within manufacturing companies and led multiple projects, often of a political nature. This gives us an understanding of the complexity of decision-making required and familiarity with the stress inherent in such positions. We offer a valuable combination of leadership, experience, and insight into mastering dynamics at the top level.

Leadership Coaching
We consider coaching and team coaching as effective interventions in organizational development, where we can contribute professionally. As coaches, we are not afraid to pose challenging questions, even if they do not always receive immediate approval. We understand that leadership can be challenging, and we are well-prepared to guide this process. Our own experience in leadership positions allows us to empathize with the challenges faced by leaders.

An important aspect we emphasize is embodying values. We guide leaders in examining their leadership style, the values they convey, and how they put these values into practice, even under increasing pressure. Maintaining clear core values is essential to staying on course, especially when pressure comes from various angles.

In our leadership vision, we emphasize the importance of calmness and self-care. As a CEO or executive, you are the example of stability for your organization. When you remain calm and balanced, it reflects on your team. Leadership is not just about managing tasks but also about leading people. Stay calm, radiate confidence, and take time for yourself so that others feel secure under your leadership.


Ron van Helvoirt